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Hair styles for hair growth & length retention.

Updated: May 31, 2022

New Length Retention video coming this Saturday! Guru 101 will have a short form video uploaded inside this post and the full length video will be inside Guru VIP. Please check your spam folders weekly for updates from me. Let me know if you have any questions.


Hey Guru! There are so many styles for natural and relaxed hair but not every style is for everyone. Select a styles based on your hair's profile.

What is your hair's profile?

  • Porosity

  • Density

  • Sebum Level

  • Skin cell turnover cycle

  • Sweat Gland level (how much do you sweat in your scalp daily)

Once you have the answer to all these questions it's time to select a styling routine that matches your scalp's profile. For example, someone with High porosity hair, highly active sweat glands, and high sebum level shouldn't select a silk press. Your cuticle is easily opened , your scalp is wet after any intense movement and after a week your hair is oily. A silk press is not the style you select form this list. Your hair will convert days maybe even hours after straightened, the body will be taken away after a couple days due to sebum from the scalp weighing the hair down. Your best option would be wash and set or braids etc.


Full video uploaded 2/7/2022 available on Guru V.I.P

If your confused by the updates please check out this blog post it explains everything.

Check back through the month of February for more on hairstyles and product recommendations. Please ask questions and talk to me below.

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