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How to grow hair longer and faster

Black women think they can’t grow long hair n the the truth is. At the state we are in right now. Your right, we won’t! After this video you will understand who you are and why your hair isn’t down your back.

Let’s go!

Why hair grows:

Protection of the skull/African war/warm

Eyebrows protect your eyes from sweat dripping taking the sweat down the side of your face.

Lashes protect eyes from limited the amount of light and dust that go in.

How hair grows:

Hair growth starts under the skin. Under the layer of skin there are two tiny black holes called a “hair follicle”. At the bottom of each follicle is a hair bulb that contains active hair growing cells made up of a protein called .

Small blood vessels in the skin give the root nutrients to help with cell growth allowing the hair to grow. As your hair grows it pushes out through the root and through to the surface. The visible hair is known as the hair shaft. Once the hair hits the surface the hair is not alive anymore. That cells that connect to your folic and the cells that are alive have to die otherwise a hair cut would feel like torture. Your body is set up to make regular trims easy!

More than 100,000 hairs on your head. The average person loses about 50-100 strands a day and here is why!

In your hairs life cycle, each hair on your head grows for about 2-6 years and then takes a break for a few months before it falls out just to be replaced by new hair growing from the same follicle.

So let tie this all together. This is how hair grows for every race. The only thing that differs is the size of the follicle and the amount of proteins attached to the di-sulfide bonds holding your hair together. Watch this video if your confused. See I did that video again for a reason.

Now we are all crazy about oil. Coconut oil, Grape Seed Oil etc. How powerful do you think the oil that comes from your scalp is?

Women with straight hair do not get lice because they are nasty. They get lice because their hair is bone straight so it takes the oil that is produced in your hair bulb no time to get from roots to ends. Remember the hair shaft dies but the oil that comes from your scalp is very alive.

The smaller the follicle the curlier the hair.

It takes way more time for oil to travel down a curly hair strain than a straight one. Because the cells that grow our hair are alive along with the oil the scalp secrets it attracts lice. Remember, bugs eat live moving things.

Lice live by sucking the blood out of the scalp. They attach their eggs to the hair shaft and the eggs pull the nutrients from the hair shaft to grow. Once the eggs hatched the casing stays attached to the hair shaft. This is just my therory but it sounds like head lice is attracted to the powerful oil that comes from your scalp. That oil is used to multiple fast!

Now if the oil coming from you scalp is powerful enough to bring lice to life what to you think it does for your hair?

Curly hair has the same oil but it takes the oil twice as long to move down the hair shaft. So to keep our hair moisturized we can use certain oils and blends depending on our porosity to level out what our hair is missing. Listen you can’t have it all unless you learn to all! I'm teaching you everything I know so make sure your ready for our next read!

Watch the full video now!

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