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How to moisturize curly/natural hair. Is Olaplex a Protein or Molecule?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

One of my most commonly asked questions is: Is Olaplex a protein? Or " I have low porosity hair will Olaplex work for me"? In this article, we will talk about the difference between a molecule and a protein to find out more about the Olaplex molecule click the link to the video.

Protein: Naturally occurring complex substance consisting of amino acid residue joined by poly peptide bends.

Molecule: The smallest particle of a substance that has all chemical and physical properties of how substance. Molecules are made of one or more atoms.

Atoms: The basic unit of a chemical element.

Olaplex is a molecule called Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. This molecule contains some of the same building power produced within the follicle during the Anagen phase.

18 amino acids in the hair shaft. "Points of focus" Proline, Threonine, Leucine, and arginine. I go deep into these and their sources in this ebook here.

Molecules build/ form proteins they are not the same. Olaplex will help you fill missing links within the molecular structure of your hair shaft. Olaplex is not compatible with a protein treatment in any way. Protein treatments strengthen the cuticle treatments like Olaplex tackle the bond( Cortex of the hair shaft.)

We Are like Plants!/ Let me Explain

What is moisture? Water or Other liquid diffused in small quantities such as vapor within a solid or condensed on a surface.

Diffuse: Spread or cause to spread over a wide area or among a large group.

The #1 conversation: " Why black hair doesn't retain moisture? Most never have a hair shaft be able to have moisture naturally as other textures most will notice their moisture balance change drastically once they relax or texturize their hair this isn't because of a product or a hairstylist. Once the hair is stretched the hair shaft is able to absorb the body's natural moisture for the hair shaft. The body makes a natural amount of moisture to be distributed over the scalp and hair shaft. By coating the hair shaft with products you weaken the body's ability to protect the hair shaft. The oil coming from your scalp can not mix with the range of oils and butter on the hair shaft. Water is the source for us on the inside but on the outside of the body, it causes erosion. What would happen if you sprayed water on your wall in the same spot three times a day, never allowing it to dry? Yes, hair is strong but hair is not stronger than the wall. If the wall will break down from water erosion, Your cuticle will do the same 10x as fast.

Find Porosity( Free on my Website)

To add moisture to your hair:

  • Detox the scalp & hair shaft

  • (Locate the cause)/ Repair broken ends/ Hides in hair shaft

  • Set a new Routine

  • Set a Styling Schedule

  • Set a treatment Schedule

  • Set a maintenance Schedule

  • Stick to your new routine & become your own Hair Guru!

We don't need moisture we need to make the moisturizing process easy!

Natural hair grows the same for all races and textures. For black hair the problem is not hair growth but length retention. In this video we will talk about how natural hair grows fast and the different practices that block the hair growth cycle is broken down into four stages. Anagen(multiply) - Catagen ( Detach) - Telogen(rest) - Exogen (release). Lean more in my e-book.

Catagen: Oxidative Stress in scalp impact the anchoring force of the hair strand within the hair follicle. Higher in people with psoriasis, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis.

Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals on the scalp. What are free radicals: yeast / malassezia/ Removed by shampoo not co-wash feeds on fats on the scalp.( sebum)

Free Radicals: atoms or molecules with a odd number of electrons. They are formed when oxygen reacts with certain molecules. Most free radicals are essential for the the life but when they are over produced on the scalp they cause oxidative stress to the scalp. The healthy bacteria turns into wild bacteria.


  • Rice water

  • homemade product

  • petroleum based products

  • highly comedogenic oils

  • butters on the scalp

  • dirty scalp

  • b locked hair shaft and scalp

Solution :

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