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How to Treat your hair Before/After Gina Curl

To all of the older stylist , Who are sitting back seeing this happen, I want to give you your flowers since nobody else is. I see that you started a movement and somebody is getting the credit you deserve. So here are my flowers to you. You are seen, you are appreciated, you are needed.

The Reason that gina curl works is , the more sebum , the stronger the hair is , The reason that its working is because the hair is stretched. They are walking around with their hair stretched.

  • Better than wave nuvo, but the hair is forever altered and can only be treated by Ghina Curl. You can only wear your hair this way until you cut it out like dreads.

The hair remains stretched making it easier for the waxy substance (sebum) to travel along the hair shaft, helping to possibly retain length. Sebum has four main functions


Role of Sebum on the hair shaft & scalp.

  • lubrication of the skin and hair shaft, making it easy to protect against friction, reducing mechanical damage

  • aids the hair and obtaining antioxidants on and in the skin and the hair shaft

  • protects the hair against natural light exposure and pollution

  • has anti-bacterial activity and has pro and anti-flammatory functions.

  • time and convenience

With these things being listed I can see why people are migrating over to a ghina curl instead of the formal ways of doing your hair, This is a life-altering change for the life cycle of your hair shaft. Although Ghina Curl makes it easier to retain length, long-term damage is in the foreseeable future, because of the disulfide bonds holding the hair together are never put back to a functional state. This is why once you receive this treatment, it's impossible to blow dry/flat iron your hair ever again.

Wet and dry curl:

Wet curl: Wet curl was started in the 1980s by hairdresser Jheri Redding, he invented this with the intention to give women a looser curl pattern. it was discontinued, because of the requirement for the hair to stay wet which in the end led to what we all know as Hydral fatigue/ moisture overload.

Dry curl:

it was later replaced by wave nouveau (soft sheen Carson) This company was founded by a couple out of Chicago. (Black couple) Still available today. Wave Nouveau doesn't alter the hair like the wet curl does allowing you to revert back to your original hairstyle and the time you want. With wave nouveau, the bonds are neutralized and put together to where you can still blow dry/ flat iron hair with no damage to the hair shaft.

Cons of Ghina Curl:

  • No Direct heat is to be used or the curls may become damaged, only rollers are allowed after this service permanently

  • the only option is to cut out the Ghina Curl after this service is applied, or roller-set your hair until you outgrow the Ghina Curl

  • Styling like braids, twists, weaves, crotchet braids or any protective styling cannot be applied during this service. Flat ironing, blow drying, curling irons, literally anything other than products that are recommended or combs can only be applied afterward.

  • The price point is Steep as well/ compared to similar services.

Hair care can be stressful and I understand why it seems to be an easier option, however long term it seems to do way more harm than good for Naturally Curly hair types. Bonds need to be broken and reassembled in a specific way to maintain the healthy integrity of your hair. If follicles are forced into swelling and unswelling in an unnatural way, without proper placement, conditions like hair wear weathering \ hydral fatigue, and oxidative stress set into your follicles. Causing irreversible damage long term.

Treatment: Sadly, There is no treatment. Hair isn't a self-healing entity like your skin. once the bonds are broken, they must be neutralized and put back into place or they are forever damaged.

Two options are available.

  • option 1: The hard way and long way is to stop using the service completely and change your hair regimen by using bond reconstructive products and roller sets along the way to grow out new growth from the Ghina curl. Always Remember, you cannot use heat for this long process or it will still make the hair fall out, due to the heat still being applied to bonds that haven't been put back into place. A foam wrap and sitting under the dryer are our only healthy options for this process.

  • option2: The BIG CHOP. Chopping out the hair completely and starting over with a regimen to make it easier for your natural sebum to travel down the hair shaft. After all, Sebum is what Makes Ghina Curl tick, for the ability to retain length.

With all that being said, to the women who have been doing this hairstyle for as long as i can remember and past that, and havent been giving their flowers for doing it correctly, this is me giving you the flowers you deserve!

What are your thoughts?

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