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My GuruTalk With AllOfDestiny

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YouTuber “AllofDestiny“ is almost to 300k subscribers on #YouTube . 266K to be exact with 767 videos and climbing on a daily! It seems easy to get paid to do your hair and nails but you have no idea. First you come up with the idea and purchase the items needed to create. Next you film which can take days, weeks, even months depending on the content. Once your content is gathered you must edit. Editing can take days even weeks. To piece weeks of content together and down to under 15 minutes is insane. Then you create a thumbnail, tags, description box and the list goes on. Now, you make the video public. Sometimes you get little to no views and sometimes it’s viral. “AllOfDestiny” has been doing it since 2011!! So this will take time and work. This will not be easy. You must give it your all. This is the truth that no one told you.

Check out my interview with #AllOfDestiny

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