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Stop giving away your GLORY! Sex is so much deeper than you think!

👀 👀👀LOOK, I’m not trying to tell you to save it for marriage but stay on alert! There is a reason men risk their entire family to lay with a woman they care nothing about losing their wife, kids everything! There is a reason sex trafficking is a huge business and men pay to lay with women they know are held against their will! There is a reason women become filthy rich putting a price on their body internal and external!

Baby that treasure between your legs is glory! If your body is not proof of your Goddess/God power I don’t know what is!? If you just lay down with a man for a min, you can create and sustain life!

The sperm finds its way to your glory, then the baby grows for almost 10 months. You give birth in power rather you get cut open or push! Even if you can’t physics get prego you can take the parts of you that work and pay another Goddess to carry your baby!! Then your body has everything it needs to feed your baby for YEARS! Your body is MAJESTY!

So why do you give your glory away so freely? Don’t you know you create with whatever you let into your GLORY! Even if a baby is not made, when you let someone inside, you create! If you let a man in that just wants in then that is what you attract because your Mother! That’s what you created! Now every dude you get with just want to have sex with you! YOU CREATED THAT IN GLORY!!! If your constantly showing every single part of what is between your legs on Instagram for a twerk video. When your selling videos playing with glory on Snap or whatever y’all use, your creating the energy of “my body is for sale, my glory isn’t precious, for the right amount of money you can see it and more! You sale your bodies over and over and your proud! What type of energy does that sound like!?? Yeah, let that sit in!! When you just lay down with these men what are we creating!!!??? We’re showing them our bodies are muses. Bodies that can be bought and used then passed along!

Take your power back, as a woman we create life! What are you letting inside your life force? My life force not only creates life but it creates my reality! If I need to manifest deeply we go upstairs honey! Take your power back! Stop letting all these men/woman that care nothing about you inside! It’s not about saving it fir marriage! It’s about knowing who your creating with!!!! Before you lay down know what your getting up with! Your GLORY has superpowers, stop absorbing their shit! We are not weak, we have no clue how powerful we are! Think about it, if a man is not strong enough he will lose everything for one session in Glory! He won’t remember her name but he can’t resist!

Religion teaches you to cover up, hide your face, your eyes, every curve etc. The reasoning “it’s distracting and tempting to men in the church etc.” Don’t be stacked baby, your the temptress now! I’m not saying save it for marriage because some do and still end up divorced. No your Mother, life lives in you! Stop giving your Goddess power away to just anyone! You create more of what you take in!

Men take nothing from you, you take from them and create! Stop taking in that BS AND PROTECT YOUR GLORY!

We’re grown, let’s do better! Don’t lay down unless your spirit gives you the go! Make sure he/she is worthy of Glory before you allow them inside to create!!!! Your creating LIFE everytime you lay down! Either a baby or the direction your life moves in next! Its all on you!!!!

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