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What is Moisture Overload?/ How to Repair Hygral Fatigue

Updated: Mar 17

Moisture overload for curly hair?

Moisture overload for Relaxed hair?

Moisture overload for Low Porosity hair?

Moisture Overload for 4C hair?

These are some of the most highly searched topics on the internet. The scientific name for moisture overload is hygral fatigue. Hygral Fatigue is damage caused by the constant swelling and upswelling within the hair follicle. When water or excessive moisture penetrates the cuticle reaching the cortex of the hair shaft.

Symptoms: Limp mushy hair that's too soft. Loss of curl definition. Flat hair. Hair will feel heavy with little to no product on it. Extreme frizz.


  • Wash-n- Go's

  • Loc Method

  • Bagging Method

  • Rice Water

  • Avc

  • Aloe

  • Co-Washing

Videos tell you to pre-poo with coconut oil to fix the problem but this makes the problem worse. Coco oil is almost 100% Fat. It penetrates the hair shaft but does not leave. The fats feed the yeast and bacteria on the scalp. It put a thick layer on the hair shaft filling holes in the cuticle and further filling the cortex with the unsaturated fat coconut oil. This blocks the follicle and the thick layer over the cuticle with other layers holding unneeded moisture within the cortex and cuticle. Layers of product and moisture trap moisture keeping the hair shaft swelling & un-swelling.

What is hair made of?

The hair is made up of three bonds. Hydrogen, Disulfide, Salt. The hydrogen bond is the bond temporarily broken by water. The disulfide bond is what determines how curly or straight your hair is. The more disulfide bonds you have the curlier your hair is. If you wish to remove curls from your hair you must open the cuticle to reach the cortex of the hair shaft to remove disulfide bonds. There is also melanin within the hair's cortex. We use a chemical agent to open the cuticle and go into the cortex to pull out melanin and add new artificial pigment.

Symptoms of Hygral Fatigue?

When you have Hygral fatigue your cortex has been hacked. There are holes and splits within the hair shaft or the cuticle is never properly closed causing your follicles and cuticles to swell over and over again. Your hairshaft is still connected to the follicle only the nerves are dead. Every time you wet your hair you allow the cuticle to open and close at will with no direction. Each person has 100,000 follicles on their scalp. Each follicle is independent so each follicle has a different level of moisture it obtains. Swelling and shrinking constantly, This leaves an open door for the disulfide bonds to escape making your curls appear looser. The melanin in a person's cortex is what gives hair its color and fullness. When the cortex is hacked the hair appears thinner and thinner as the pigment leaves the cortex in small amounts making the hair look appear more transparent.

Hygral fatigue is an attack on the follicle caused by the cuticle being opened too many times and never properly being closed.

Hygral fatigue is damage to your hair follicles caused by repeated swelling and unswelling. It occurs when excessive moisture penetrates the outer layer of your hair and reaches the inner cortex. Over time, repeated swelling from hygral fatigue can lead to symptoms such as fizziness, brittleness, and dullness.

How to repair Hydral Fatigue

Cause: Excessive Shrinking and swelling of the hair follicle. coconut oil goes into the cortex or cuticle to the water molecule and never leaves. The cortex or cuticle remains open blocked and filled. Does coconut oil prevent swelling? once water is on your hair the bond breaks and the hair shaft swell. Coconut oil keeps the bonds separated as it weakens the hair shaft from the inside. coconut oil is protein seeking so it binds to protein. Hair is made of the protein keratin. Coconut binds because it feeds on protein. Most that pre-poo with coconut oils also have dandruff and many other scalp infections due to the constant feeding of the yeast in the scalp Yeast in the scalp love saturated fat and coconut oil is 100% saturated fat. By adding coconut oil to the scalp your feed the yeast as you lock coconut oil into the cortex. Coconut oil as a pre-poo does prevent hydral fatigue it is one of the main causes.

Most naturals get heat damage from their first silk press in years because of pre-poo. After locking oil inside the cortex for years, you get instant heat damage. Oil is trapped within the cortex for4 months. One or even 3 shampoos won't remove it. So once the stylist goes to break the hydrogen bond and put it back together there are large coconut oil particles within the cortex and those molecules attack the disulfide bonds within the cortex. Once those bonds are fried they can never be put back together again resulting in damaged disulfide bonds. It's what you like to call heat damage. Coconut oil does not go in your hair and you do not need to trick your hair into being moisturized, you just have to keep your scalp clean and comb your hair and let the natural oils you have (sebum) do their job.

  • Prevention: Sebum Level: High: Every 4 days or weekly using dry shampoo

  • Low: Bi-Weekly

  • Medium: Weekly

  • Styles: Weave/ Braids: Clean scalp with Rose water Weekly & dry scalp with a diffuser.


  • Scalp and Follicle Detox

  • Weekly Wash day routine/ scalp Health

  • Diet: Eat the herbs you want to put in your hair

Quick Fixes for Hygral Fatigue :

If you need further assistance Visit for tips on how to avoid Hygral Fatigue and how to fix it.

1-on-1 consultations to stop Hygral Fatigue


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