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Would you stop playing! We’re running out of time!!

Nothing about me is the same. I walk past the mirror sometimes like “gurl who is you...”. If you want new you must become new. You must become the essence of your desire. You are Co-creating your life. If you sit with shit flies WILL come! Change your environment, change the people your around. You want different but you live in fear! If your tired of your job quit! If you don’t like your city MOVE! If your tired of the way he treats you GO! Easy! The hard part is getting there! See your desire is the WINE and your current situation is the BOTTLE. So the problem isn’t your desire it’s already yours but it’s not coming because you don’t have a bottle big enough to hold it. It’s so small and dusty. It has no faith, holds no power, and lives in fear and lack. Yeah, you need new bottles! So make your next plan getting new bottles! Smash the old ones, kill fear,doubt,jealousy,fear,shame etc! Now as you smash these bottles do it in love since your the one who did it! Stop blaming “the DEVIL” it was you! Your rebuking thoughts, who are you rebuking??? You set you back, you judge, you watch that shit on tv, you had that conversation. Your mind is just protecting you from what programmed as the enemy! The “Devil” didn’t do nothing! We stay down because we created a fall guy! We push all the responsibilities to the fall guy and we trash our bottles! Let’s start over! Love yourself so much that no matter how much it hurts you walk away from anything that cause you pain trusting that your protected and loved. Your so safe and strong you have to smash those bottles my love. Reign!!!💜❤️💜❤️ #lovethyself #morningmotivation #love #selfcare #selflove #morningmotivation #morningroutines #lawofattraction #lifecoachforwomen #beauty #youarecreators #youcreate #live

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