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You're doing this to yourself!

🚨🧘🏾‍♂️ Ok, don’t get mad at me after reading this!🧘🏾 My hardest fight was with myself and what I was programmed to believe. Once I found my truth, I set MYSELF FREE! I AM a living breathing manifestation of my creator on earth. Everything I want already wants me! The second the thought pops up in my head, it’s already done!

The key is staying in alignment, keeping my fear, disbelief, and lack low by loving the feelings when they come! I don’t beat myself up for the way I feel. If someone pisses me off, oh, You will know. I don't hold stuff in, and I don't have my respect optional! I allow myself to explore and I love myself to peace. If you lack it’s on YOU! YOU CAN NOT GET WET BY THE WORD WATER! Even below people will say ”theres only one God and his name is, no this is the only truth!” This book is what we live by or your burn in hell forever!

Instead of you all gaining knowledge you live your lives arguing about another MAN’S IDEA on creation! NONE of you know the truth! You are all trying to figure life out! If you ask me who God is I will say IAM! IAM made in my creators imagine. We have all the power to create and we're good at it, there's only one problem! We have created hell and we made up someone to blame! GOOD AND BAD is a human concept! This earth does not see GOOD OR BAD!

When a storm comes we say oh the weather is bad but this earth is saying! ”It's time to create something new!” We add the sorrow! Storms come to destroy old foundations to build new ones! We can't see that because we are so weak! When sorrow comes, we run and hide until someone cones to help! PULL YOURSELF OUT! We need our hands held, we needs rules to follow, we need direction, we need order and more because we've given our control away.

We create, you believe your nothing YOU WILL BE NOTHING! YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL BE IN SORROW UNTIL YOUR savior THATS ALREADY HERE COMES THEN THAT IS YOUR LIFE! We put chains on ourselves with religion, we shame ourselves for thoughts that come natural.? We ignore all the darkest parts of ourselves and we give it a name!

THE DEVIL, SATAN is out to get us and will take our soul! Since I was a kid I've been taught that there is this mean devil trying to get me and the only way to protect myself is getting inside a church because I can't live without a covering! If I don't have a church home the DEVIL will take over my lIfe for sure! After the death of my father I had to grow tf up! As I begin to pull the layers back the truth blew my mind! You all live these planned out lives but you didn't write the blueprint THEY DID! They have our people in two sets of chains! Chains on the physical body was for them but the chains on your mind for all eternity, OH BABY THAT WAS FOR US NOW!

Even as you read this the chains are wrapping tighter around your mind and your thoughts. As your reading a part of you is screaming. No this is not true, this is the devil. Or your just really uncomfortable, inside there is a part of you screaming YASS!!! You still think someone did this to you and you think someone is coming to get you out! It's not going to happen! OUR mothers and grandmothers have been walking down the same road for hundreds of years and we are in the same place now that we were then! Why is that?! I'm telling you what I know!!! You would never believe the road my husband and I had to walk down! You remain in lack because your looking for a savior that's not coming! YOUR SAVOR IS ALREADY HERE!!! You think the God that made you is here for other races but for black people he's coming back later for us??! We have to suffer a lil longer!? You think God sits there watching eating chips??! No, you have control and you create so God won't have you do anything! We created this, we believe it so that's what we get!

I choose to believe that I AM in control! God does not step in to take control unless we ask. What you have before you is YOUR creation! If you want something different become! You are in lack because you want to be carried! If you want it to go get! If they took off from you, take it back!!!

You must wake up! Across the world today, there will be thousands giving hundreds and thousands to churches! I use to count in the back! They would bring in 11K plus every CHRISTMAS!!! Then you're going to go back home and dwell in lack waiting for a provisions , and they will make the 11K deposit at the bank before you take off your church clothes. Come on! I'm not telling you not to go in telling you to open your eyes!

As you walk in the church today, look around you. Notice that the same thing you see before you now is the same thing you were apart of as a child. This is just the 2019 version! The same lack, the same chains, the same everything! Become! Find God within because that is where your creator lives!

This is something I learned, and I'll share it with you to get your mind moving!

Without moving your mouth, in your mind, scream this!

”The power I hold is still in chains!”

Ok, you heard that, didn't you!!!! Who was that?! Even as you read this, there is a voice reading out loud in your mind! THAT IS GOD! God lived in you! You don't access God; you ignore God! You call God ” your conscious” ” Intuition” no, that's your power! Dig deep and don't stop until you find yourself! Today keep your eyes open! Look for patterns that put on chains and break them!

Listen I AM co-creating my life with my creator!!! I have control over my mind, my body, and the best my life plays out! I never fail I learn to become! Everyday I wake up more powerful than I was the day before! I don't need protectio

You must become! You can believe your the dirt! I know that I AM!!!



Love, Cyn Doll

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Say that‼️


Dec 25, 2019

Same to you!!!


Tee Conley
Tee Conley
Dec 25, 2019

Awesome!! Happy Manifestation Wednesday!!🧘🏽‍♀️💕💕

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