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Your payment is on its way to your account now!!! You’ve been approved!!

It’s time for some good news! This is your reality but you must create it. The money is on its way to your account now!!! You’ve been approved!!“ This will be in your inbox very soon but there is work to do first so let’s go!

Affirmation of the day:

“Money is like a river. Every-time it goes out it comes back to me doubled.” What you focus on grows, if your feelings about money have a low vibration your balance will be low as well. If you live in the reality of what you want it has no choice but to appear before you. What you want wants you and started running to you the second you had the desire but your disbelief and fear told it to stop! You said “ I’m going to start this business and make well over six figures!” Then you followed the steps you saw on social media and didn’t make one dime. So you get down and say things like “ Things never work out for me. She’s not better than me why can she do it and I can’t? The world is so bad. Things never work out for me!”

Now the provision that you asked for has to stop. You gave new orders! Provision was on the way but it had to stop because you called in, LACK, JEALOUSLY AND FEAR. So now you have lack, more things to be jealous of and alot of shit to fear!

You are Master, not money, not the government, not your clients/customers, and not your job YOU! You create the reality that you want so understand that whatever stands before you came first from YOU! Focus on nothing but what you want and anything or anyone that doesn’t line up MUST BE REMOVED! You will never see what’s waiting for you on channel 55 if your always clicking through comparing and doubting. Change your energy flow and go in a different direction.

Again: “ MONEY IS LIKE A RIVER. EVERYTIME IT GOES OUT IT COME BACK TO ME DOUBLED. I AM PROVISION & PROSPERITY!!!” #iam #love #truth #nolack #manifest #lawofattraction #openyoureye #truth #nofear #nolack #align #alignment #moonphases #beautifullife #cherish #life #becoming #create #youarecreatprs #money #moneymanifestation #lovethyself #trust #nofear

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