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4 Oils For Hair Growth & Length Retention!

When searching for oils and butters the first thing you should check for is the products placement on the Comedogenic Scale. I know your thinking what is a "Comedogenic Scale"?

Comedogenic: To clog or block the pores/follicles of skin.

Oils and butters have a placement on the Comedogenic scale with 0 being the least likely to clog the pores and or follicles.

0- Does not clog pores/follicles.

1- Low

2- Moderately Low

3- Moderate

4-Moderately High

5- High

This is where another piece fits into the puzzle, POROSITY! I'm so big on the science of hair because there are so many pieces to this puzzle and every blueprint is slightly different. The following information is only pertaining to the hair shaft. No matter the porosity level oils over 2 on the Comedogenic scale DO NOT go on the scalp.

Low Porosity Hair: Has a cuticle that is rather tight and sometimes closed completely. Low Porosity hair should always stick with oils and butters lower on the Comedogenic Scale. 0-2

Medium Porosity Hair: Has a loose cuticle which allows moisture to come and go at a normal rate. To keep a hair shaft and scalp, do no go over 3 on the Comedogenic Scale.

High Porosity Hair: Has a cuticle that is very loose and almost wide open. To keep the cuticle healthy but sealed remain between 2-4 on the Comedogenic Scale.

Sunflower Oil

Extremely high in essential fatty acids like phospholipids and ceramides! This powerhouse is also packed full of antioxidants and one of my favorites vitamin E, making it nourishing and soothing to dry hair and scalps. It locks in moisture and helps keeps hair healthy and strong. This oil is at 0 on the Comedogenic Scale.

Grapeseed Oil

Helps to restore your hair's natural shine and vibrancy. Your scalp naturally produces sebum, an oily substance produced naturally in the sebabious gland of your scalp. As you age, your scalp's sebum production slows down, leading to dry scalp and dry, brittle hair and ends. Grapeseed oil helps to fight this issue before it becomes a issue. This is my favorite oil for fighting offense with hair growth. Prevention is key.

Marula Oil

Helps to nourish hair from root to tip without making it overly greasy. This oil is extremely hydrating, moisturizing, and occlusive. This means it is amazing at holding on to moisture on the hair shaft. This property also places Marula oil at a 4-5 on the Comedogenic scale. This oil should never go on the scalp but is amazing as a addition to a length retention butter for the ends.

Carrot Seed Oil

Helps to to grow hair faster and thicker. Carrot oil falls in at 3 on the Comedogenic scale. Cold pressed carrot oil holds anti-aging properties in skin care along with it's many antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. This is great oil for a "HOT OIL TREATMENT".




Check this link for all oils listed above and many more!


Cover on hair from root to ends. Massage your scalp for 10 minutes with one of my recommendations below and cover with a plastic processing cap.

Derma Roller Micro needling Kit



High Porosity Hair: NO ADDITIONAL HEAT SOURCE body heat only 1 HOUR.

Medium Porosity Hair: 10 Mins Hooded dryer

Low Porosity Hair: 35 Mins Hooded dryer

Shampoo and Condition with products based on porosity.

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