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11 Amazing Stay at home Jobs that you can start today!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

In This Blog post, we're going to be tackling user-friendly online jobs that anybody can start from home. I can guarantee that if you put in the right amount of time you can easily make a living off of these jobs. You might just need one or you might want more than one working for you but here they are!

Coaching and Consulting

Everyone hears about coaching but doesn't think that they have the tools or requirements to become a coach. If you have ever had an issue and found a step-by-step way to get out of the problem you were in, you can become a coach in that field. Whether it be how you put on your makeup in a different more efficient way, or how you handle organizing your closet, These are both things that you can turn into an online coaching portal that can make you 6 figure income that you desire.

You can set up your own portal and provide step-by-step method plans and coaching tips and get paid to do so. Knowledge is power when it comes to coaching. And if you have the knowledge to show people something that they don't know to make their lives better, then you can definitely package it up with a big pretty ribbon on it and sell it!

UGC Content

UGC Content stands for (User- Generated Content)! For the most part content! We all know about sponsored posts and videos being the general way you see brands promoting their content, but UGC isn't that. UGC is where you take an everyday person that uses their favorite product every day, and that person gets paid to review and record that product for the brand and receive an income. Brands now know that it's easier to appeal to the consumer by having a regular person instead of a celebrity promote their brand because a person who looks like you or me, is way more trustworthy to believe in when it comes to promoting their company. So if you have a product that you use all the time and you know the ends and outs of that product, why not turn on a camera and get to recording a piece for brands to see it and start paying you? UGC is all about how you edit and put yourself out there to set yourself apart. Whether it's your style of editing, your music, ASMR sounds, etc...

For your copyright-free music, I suggest epidemic sounds. Its library is vast with plenty of great copyright-free music to help you really stand out from the bunch when it comes to making your UGC content and making a name for yourself! Whether it be a specific chime that grabs your user's attention to a simple song that you play at the end of the video, epidemic sound has got you covered. It's free right now for 60 day right now just click the link below.



There's a lot of money to be made on amazon we all know that. UGC and Amazon associates/ Live Creator go hand in hand together! The more content that you are able to produce for brands! More brands want to use you for their brands because you become a trusted face that they see all the time and you produce results for other brands, so you in the end become a trusted person that brands can use for products all across amazon. If you already have your content ready to go and ready to upload (UGC) it makes becoming an associate that much easier. Brands naturally flock to associates who have backing and receipts to provide that they can get results for their brand. For more information on how to get this started and get this up and running with how to talk to brands and get your foot in the door click the link below.




To get started simply go around your house and find products to upload to Amazon! If you've ever bought anything from amazon (which we all have ) that you love, simply upload the content to amazon with a great video and make it a thing when you buy from amazon! Eventually, these brands will see that and start asking you to promote their products. Now sometimes you might have to reach out to brands to promote specific brands because they may not know who you are, but it doesn't matter because it's healthy to promote yourself anyway. Brands and great entrepreneurship-building skills never hurt anyone along the way. Brands will appreciate you putting yourself out there and so will you in the future.

Creating Digital Products

When talking about Digital products, a lot of people automatically go to Ebooks. Which is a great digital product but not the only one. One of my highest-performing products for digital products is a checklist! A simple checklist! Sometimes you don't realize how well you can compliment your content with Digital products. If I make a video and then, provide a convenient digital product to go with it, it is a no-brainer for a lot of people to go ahead and invest in it. Digital products are Tangible pieces of digital information that you can keep from what you just watched.

Creating a blueprint for people to follow is the key to selling your digital products! Once you have your selling point or problem that you solved (listed above in the Coaching and Consulting) you create a business plan around it, and selling your digital products is definitely a part of it.

Have you ever watched a video that you loved so much on Youtube and wished that you could have something tangible to take away from that video to go back to for reference whenever you wanted to? That's a digital product that you can sell. It's like a to-go bag after having a great meal. Sometimes it's just good to have something to go home with to eat later. This isn't limited to journals. You can sell whatever goes with what you're talking about. Whether it be a calendar, checklist, etc. Whatever helps the consumer along the journey is great for a keepsake.

Becoming a Fiver Seller

Fiver is a great place to also get started! If you have a service to offer, Fiver can help you get connected to the right people to start getting paid. You first have to create your fiver account and get approved. Fiver goes thru a process of making sure that there are trustworthy people on fiver offering services and receiving services. Once your application is complete you can offer your services to anyone out there who might need you. Once contacted by the buyer. you pay a small fee to fiver because they are the hosting site, but after that, all of your work is compensated. Fiver is great for getting your feet wet if your end goal is to start your own business. For example. If you wanted to start your own Digital print company, you would go on fiver, and see how others are running their business first, See what you like and dislike about how they run their business, and tailor your own brand to your liking to set yourself apart from others. Simply finding out what you like and don't like can be the thing that sets you apart and helps you find your audience.

Fiver link:

Stocks and Investing

Most times when you hear or talk about investing and stocks, you only hear horror stories. You never hear about the stories that happen to people who play the long game and have success. Most ordinary people think that they don't have the funds to invest in stocks either. And that's not an issue anymore. With apps like Robinhood around, Investing and stocks can become something that you say that you do. Start small with a Robinhood account and follow all of the prompts and make sure to read everything so you don't miss a step. This way you can start investing with small amounts to earn big gains in the future. And when I say small I mean as little as 5 dollars to start. Robinhood will give you a stock once you sign up with your account to get you started. With my first account, I decided to buy a piece of amazon. And the next day my money doubled in the stock market. so it's all about getting in and getting your feet wet and learning the ins and outs, when to pull and when to let your money sit, loaning out your stocks, trading stocks, etc. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to understand once you get started.

Take a second and think about how much money you spend on our lunch breaks every day for work and just being out of the house. It can easily add up to around 70-100 a week in food alone not even including other fees in our day-to-day lives. What if we took some of that money and invested in stock to help you stop spending that much and make that back and some in a day in the stock market? Most people don't see the value in making a lunch break sacrifice now so that you don't have to take a lunch break in the future because you now work for yourself because you made money in the stock market and now have started your own mobile food truck business that you always wanted.

APP Jobs

App jobs is an app where you go to the app, list your location and it gives you a list of jobs in your location to help you find jobs in your area! for example, finding a job like a product tester, you can use that to help get the products you need to be sent to you so that you can create content as well . 2 birds one stone type of thing. Using this to help you with that. App jobs can not only help you find jobs near but also help provide you with what you need along the way for content as well.

app jobs

Instagram Reels

This ties into you creating your UGC (listed above) putting this content on Instagram reels also possibly provides you the opportunity to make an extra 1000 max a month. Recycling content and creating content can be used across a lot of different platforms with a lot of different results.

Starting a Youtube Channel

Youtube has proven that it's here to stay, and its stands against the test of time. It's been proven that you can make a living on youtube. Youtube is owned by Google the biggest search engine on the planet. The YouTube community is like no other community. Relationships are made on youtube that last forever, A lot of other platforms won't have these elements simply based on the community alone. it's a quick way to share with the world something that you know that others just might not know. in doing this create a following of being a trusted person to come to for information and overall just a Youtube person of trust. When creating this Youtube channel do not select a specific topic to talk about. When you do this, You put yourself in a box that's sometimes hard to come out of when you are ready to talk about other things. Unless you are ok with talking about that one thing for the remainder of your youtube life, do not put yourself into a niche category of talking about one and only that thing.

Course/Classes: Thinkific :Grin

Thinkific is a high rated streaming platform used to market, sell and create your own online courses and membership sites. The platform has helped individualize content creators on how people are able to learn on their platforms. offering an all in one platform designed for both the audience and content creator.

By offering courses on your website, you are able to earn additional funds throughout the month that probably wouldn't be available if the services were never provided. Thinkific is a great opportunity to start making extra cash by offering your teaching services thru here!

Podcast: Streamyard: Get on Apple for free

Today is a great day to start your own podcast. Whether you're looking for a new marketing channel, have a message you want to share with the world, or just think it would be fun to have your own talk show...podcasting is an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to expand your reach online.

Buzzsprout is hands down the easiest and best way to launch, promote, and track your podcast. Your show can be online and listed in all the major podcast directories (like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more) within minutes of finishing your recording.

Podcasting isn’t hard when you have the right partners, and the team at Buzzsprout is passionate about helping you succeed. Join over a hundred thousand podcasters already using Buzzsprout to get their message out to the world.

Let’s create something great, together!

Start your podcast by clicking here:

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