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Express Lane to Entrepreneurship: Launching Your Business in 24 Hours

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Feat. Pocket Suite

Targeting your passion is important, but once you have, its time to turn your knowledge and passion into action. Take notes on your passions and the knowledge you've obtained and turn it into a business. You can do that with 1 on 1 in person hair appointments, video consultations, eBooks, online courses, coaching and more.

In this video we talk about Pocket Suite. This app makes turning passion and knowledge into action effortlessly. This app is for any line of work and industry. In this example Ill be using the freelancer edition but select the industry that suites you best.

Step 1:

Decide what services you want to offer based on your specialty. Create a detailed written description of each service. Study the industry, study the problem in the industry and explain the problem and the solution that you offer to the problem in the description of your services .

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Service name:


Description of service:

Service duration:


Lead time: Time needed for service preparation.


Single Capacity: Double booking Prevention

Video Conference: Video consultation

Service Photo

Step 2: Pricing

Depending on the service you may not have a set price. If you are in a field where you give estimates on services rendered, you can do that as well on the app. You also have the ability to send invoices to customers. Before we get into invoices lets talk more about the business/ legal side of things.

Step 3:

Now that your services are decided on and set in motion its time to set your policy and procedures. Decide on your policies. How do you want your business to run. What do you expect of your clients and what should your clients expect from you. Always remember to set guidelines, your late policy, cancellation policy and deposit routine and more. Your clients sign the contract upon booking with you which makes this process effortless. This automated system makes online booking seamless while protecting you and your clients from issues with payments. The professionalism gives comfort and structure. Stick to your own policies!

Step 4:

Now your potential clients know the services you offer, based on your passion and knowledge. When your running your own business its easy to mix the personal in but its business first. Learn the business tax for your field and make that apart of your pricing . Break your services all the way down to the bone. Product cost, booth rent, (weekly , daily, hourly, )Manual labor, sales tax, surcharge etc. Pocket Suite has a section that allows you to add each number fast! You also have a section titled Itemization where you itemize services, appointment and expenses on invoices. Normally in the hair industry your money goes out faster than it comes in at times, With an app like this, you have control over your money and where it goes! This app will help you separate your gross income from your net income with no problem!

Step 5:

Accept payments directly from the app or track cash payments and log them with your Client Record Card. Send appointment reminders, coupons and more.

Transfer all your current client information over to keep your customers engaged at all times. Collect emails from clients and send weekly, daily or monthly emails through the app. Once your business is on the app you can run coaching or consulting directly through the app. This app can be added to a existing website or used alone. If your starting a business or trying to give a existing business a facelift, this is the perfect app! Being a business owner has never been easier.

Once you follow the path of : Care -Knowledge-Action

Running a successful business becomes less stressful and more seamless!

Try out Pocket Suite FREE for 30 days, Then after your month is up its only 19.99 a month after that for all the services below :




The Team Membership includes: (9.99 per team member)

Payroll for teams

Auto assign jobs

Add payment rates

Check in/ Out Notifications

Team Messages

Try Both Plans for free for 30 days and cancel at anytime through the link Below! Calling All Business Owners, Make the process smooth with Pocket Suite.


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Jul 06, 2022

Hopefully I’ll be using this in the near future 🙌🏽

Jul 07, 2022
Replying to

Let me know if you have any questions.❤️❤️

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