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How to stop breakage with natural and relaxed hair! Natural Hair Growth Cycle

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Right now as we read this, Your Favorite Youtuber or influencer is deciding to switch over to the science of hair. Have you ever wondered why most women have the same issues, but no one wants to admit what the real problem maybe? I'm going to give you a scientific explanation of why most women are having the same issues of alopecia, traction alopecia, and many other forms of hair issues.

There are four Stages of Hair Growth.

Anagen, Catagen, Telegen, and Exogen.

Watch the full YouTube video now!

Anagen Phase:

Your hair grows half an inch each month, Which ends up being 6 inches a year. Your anagen phase can last anywhere from 2-6 years. When your anagen phase is complete you can have anywhere from 18-30 inches of hair. But a lot of people's anagen phase doesn't last that

Catagen Phase:

This is the phase where your hair is basically dying off. This process usually last anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks. This is where your hair is ridding itself of the old hair and resting itself along the way. This is a short transitional period that last ten days and the longest is two weeks.

Telogen Phase:

The Shedding Phase! About 10% of your hair is going thru this at one time. The reason being only 10 % at once, is because if all of your hair shed at once there would no longer be any hair to shed! So your hair only allows for 10% at a time. Shedding is a period of rest also. This is the process by which the hair follicle is detaching itself from the hair follicle and blood supply to make way for new growth. This process lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on your lifestyle. One important thing to know about the Telegen phase is that stress is a major part of keeping the hair in the Telogen phase longer than its suppose to be.

Most people get freaked out when Shedding occurs, but your hair shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. Not only is it natural for your hair to shed, but the skin of the hair also sheds with the hair. If this isn't allowed to happen naturally, you run into the issues of alopecia and different forms of it ( Alopecia areata (patchy), Traction Alopecia, Persistent patchy alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, Alopecia universalis, Diffuse alopecia areata, Ophiasis alopecia, and at least 20 other forms.

If your hair is shedding a lot, that's a sign that your hair is in its Exogen phase and it needs to be nurtured and attended to. If you have bad practices during the Exogen phase it could do a lot of damage to the lifespan of your hair. Good practices are encouraged during this time. No wash and gos, no letting your hair go unwashed for 3-6 months, no Youtube experiments, etc.....

The main objective of growing hair has always been inches and length and shiny healthy hair. But in order for that to happen, we need to focus on the scalp first before we tackle the inches and length. Having a healthy scalp will ensure you the results you want but nobody practices it. it's a little thing I like to call Cell turnover.

Cell turnover is a process in which your skin creates new skin cells and is a major factor in determining how the skin looks and feels. your skin sheds and rejuvenates over time. This includes your scalp, which is also skin. This process takes 30 days to complete a full cycle and shed your old cells for new ones. When you don't allow this process to happen by blocking the pores with products, you are actually slowing down the process which your hair cycle needs to go thru. Adding unnecessary things to your hair makes your hair move faster than it's supposed to, it puts your hair into defensive mode, in which it clogs your pores and stops anything else from coming in. Clogged follicles slow down or shorten the Anagen phase (Growth Phase).

When you pack your hair full of these products it doesn't allow your body to finish the job of turning over skin cells. Your body makes its own oil called Sebum. Sebum is the natural oil that your hair produces on its own. if you let your hair do its job correctly, the sebum is allowed to come out and coat your hair with the nutrients it needs. But if your hair is always on the defense, the sebum is never allowed to come out and usually causes bacteria build-up. This is where lice and bacterial infections (alopecia) come into play. So I think it's safe to say that it's best to just let your hair do what it needs to do.

When your doing everything your supposed to do, your hair sends a signal to open up and grow hair.

Catagen Phase:

This is the phase where your brain sends a signal to the hair to release your hair or your hair dies. in this phase your end up shortening your hair growth and speeding up the process to which the hair dies. So instead of seeing more hair growth, you see more hair fall! Clogging the follicle ends up shortening the life cycle, which in return sends the hair into the Catagen Phase faster.

There is a Growth cycle to your hair. Learn the Growth cycle and your porosity and you will learn your hair. If you feel like you are in one cycle for way too long then its time to make adjustments to get back to the growth phase (Anagen).

How can you prolong your Anagen phase you ask?

  1. Keep a Clean Scalp! Keep your hair clean and free for oxygen to flow thru so that your scalp can do everything it needs to do within your hair's growth cycle.

  2. Length Retention. Once you've let your scalp do its job, it's your turn to do yours by Retaining your length. Heavy oils and butters do not belong on the scalp, But they do belong on the hair shafts (ends). putting these kinds of butter on the end protects the cuticles of the hair and help you retain length along the way.

  3. Maintenance! Keep up with your trims. Maintaining a healthy trim is important for split ends. Once you allow your ends to be split it's like having a run in your stockings, it just continues up until they are no longer good. Not keeping a trim will eventually kill the follicle. itll eventually reach the follicle within the scalp, which allows bacteria to seep in, which in result kills the follicle.

If you have questions and concerns on how to go about stopping these problems before they start I have tools set in place to help you along the way.Download one of my many E-books!

Also Make sure to check out the 7-day Hair growth Challenge to see how much hair your can grow once you know the proper tools do to it. 7 days, 7 dollars Each!

Please also feel free to just take a stroll on the website to see what can help you along your journey. There are multiple things for everyone who needs help from free community boards to share your issues with and get answers thru peers and also a membership for Cyndoll Tv where you get access to unlisted videos and unedited versions of information that is not shared with the public. your little inside scoop to getting ahead of the hair curve.

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Great article! Do you have any hairstyle suggestions for natural hair that is thin at the ends? I’ve noticed my side crown area as well as my front side


I am confused. Apart from price, What is the difference between the 7 Day Growth hallenge and the Growth Cycle Blueprint?

Aug 29, 2022
Replying to

They are not alike. One is a journal and informational ebook and one is a 7 day challenge.

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