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How to transition out the Hair Industry

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Are you new to the industry?

Are you thinking about doing hair but it seems like too much drama?

Have you been doing hair 10 plus years with no way out?

This is the video/Blog post for you! However you start is how it ends, so in this video/blog , I will teach you how to start in the industry or transition out with ease.

3 Step Process: Care- Knowledge-Action

Care- What is your passion/ Speciality.

What is the problem present in your field of passion?

What do the current leaders lack? What part of the industry pulls on your emotions?

Once you find the emotional trigger you find your specialty.


Once you find the missing link , become the expert.

Obtain knowledge the legit way for the books, taxes, home,purchases, cars, etc...

Cosmetology school, give your passion a legal label.

Your license gives you the stamp of approval in the business world.

2.Further your education target your emotional trigger, find the cause of your emotional trigger in the industry.

Once you find the cause of your trigger your new task is education and knowledge obtained mastering your professional education and knowledge obtained mastering your craft(study).

3. Who are your clients?

Who are the people looking for the solution you hold?

Where do they hang out (online)? Where are they searching for in the services you provide?

What are their likes & dislikes?

Find all the gaps and write down the solutions for each problem with facts and not fads. Follow the science because it rarely changes and when it does its easy to understand.

Care :

Intentional planning


Understanding the problem

Knowledge :

School to be certified in a trade. Cosmetology license

Business license

Continued Education after school

study industry/ prices


Booking site

Policy and procedures

set price based on skill not social media

Action: Apply all the knowledge you have and the structure it as a service they can't live without. Explain each service and breakdown each procedure displaying its worth as the solution to your trigger.

A Website is a portal for your transition out.

Collect emails, send weekly monthly newsletters to constantly feed your trigger.

Podcast, ebooks, product sales, blog, affiliate marketing client memberships, new professional training, coaching and consulting, teaching, and salon/salon suite ownership and so much more.

For my detailed step by step blueprint with group coaching, live lectures and so much more join CEO Masters NOW!

Once you take action you have a well functioning machine that works on autopilot with a audience and brand you now own!

Care - Knowledge- Action-

is the Secret Formula to ge in and out of the Hair Industry PEACEFULLY!

Check out a few resources.

Shear Share

The Shear Share App

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