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How to repair the hair follicle naturally? Biotin and scalp exfoliation.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Biotin Supplements are a waste of money and eggs are slowing down your hair growth cycle. The Cardi B Hair Growth Mask doesn't work the way you think it does.

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Let's start with Biotin. Biotin also known as B7, and Vitamin H is a key player in your natural hair growth cycle. Biotin helps enzymes in the body during it's many jobs within the human body. One of it's many jobs is aiding the hairs' follicle.

Biotin is vital in the production of keratin. Keratin is the protein that your hair and nails are made of. It's extremely vital in cell growth while being equally vital to the transfer of carbon dioxide promoting hair and nail growth. This B Vitamin plays a key role in the metabolism of glucose, amino acids and fatty acids in the body. These are all vital components to the health of your hair, skin and nails. Studies have shown that their are no buot suppllenents More powerful than the

#1: Biotin Is Produced Naturally In The Body

Biotin is easily received through foods that are easily accessible if not already in your home at this moment. Your gut also contains microbes that create biotin within your body naturally. There is no need to take a Biotin supplement unless your biotin is somehow capped or cut off which is very rare.

#2: Receive Biotin Naturally

Biotin can be found in your everyday foods. Avocado, Milk, Almonds, Almond Milk and Eggs.

Add these ingredients to your diet to intact natural Biotin.

#3: Signs of Biotin Deficiency

A Biotin Deficiency is extremely rare. The sign show up as a eczema "like" rash and hair loss. This is very rare but normally shows up in the presence of rare genetic diseases or problems with absorption cause by the consumption or use of raw egg whites on the scalp.

#4 Avidin

The Cardi B Hair Growth is all the craze but we must understand the long term effects. The real gold mind is the Avocado in length retention not hair growth. Mayo is nothing but oil eggs and oil. Castor oil is great but then there is more egg.

  • EGGS

  • MAYO (eggs, oil, vinegar or lemon juice)



The last two ingredients are fine off the scalp but the top two are redundant and silent and slow follicle killers!

Egg Whites Contain a level of Avidin. Avidin is a protein that binds to Biotin hindering intestinal absorption. When this happens the body undergoes a Biotin deficiency.

Evidence of a Biotin defencecy are as follows:

  • Dry Scalp

  • Flaky Scalp

  • Scaly Scalp/Face

Biotin is vital in the production of Keratin which is the protein that your hair and nails are constructed from. Avidin caps Biotin in the body giving the body a biotin deficiency which give you most of the symptoms women are experiencing today.

Yes the Avocado will help you to retain length but the eggs your rubbing into the scalp do more harm than good long term. You can speed up your hair growth cycle by simply ingesting all ingredients in the body. There is no risk eating this mixture minus the castrol oil but the Avocado and Eggs can be apart of your new diet.

Check out my eBook on Amino Acids with a break down of the Amino Acids the body needs and what foods/herbs you can intake to keep a balanced system.

#4: Time to exfoliate!

Firstly, we can't build a new house on a old foundation. Start your hair growth cycle the right way by follow science not fads on social media.

I know you may love Cardi B but the truth is she is a artist not a medical or Cosmetology professional so taking hair care tips from her is extremely risky long term. Yes these treatments have created results from length retention based on the high Comedogenic properties of each ingredient. Comedogenic is a products ability to block the follicle or cuticle.

Avocado's , the oil in mayo and eggs are all highly comedogenic so this treatment does not stimulate hair growth it's physically impossible. The ingredients are too thick to pent rate the follicle so it can't effect the growth rate. The mixture helps the hair shaft stay protected with it's highly comedogenic properties. This puts a barrier around the hair shaft preventing the hair from breaking off which in return retains length giving the illusion of fast hair growth. Your not actually growing your hair faster your just retaining more length.

Now you're probably wondering how Avidin is the one protein that can get through but not in a good way. It's stronger than the avocado so it can break through due to it's powerful attraction to Biotin your body is creating naturally. Your hair will retain length but overtime your body can build up Avidin from constant use. Some may have issues they don't know about which causes the Avidin to react even faster cutting off absorption in the body.

I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just helping you make the best decision possible for your hair care needs. We must know how the properties of our natural hair growth cycle clash with our DIY hair growth hacks. Some hacks are great for instant gratification but horrific and irreversible damage long term.

Below are a few of my favorite scalp exfoliators and tools. These will all help you cleanse the follicle of all things from your old hair routines and patterns.

Tea Tree Tingle & Treat Scalp Indulgence Set

Tea Tree: Its proven antimicrobial properties make it an excellent cleaning agent. Tea tree oil is a great natural remedy for keeping your scalp free of irritation. This powerhouse also improves scalp health by unblocking follicles/pores. This will in return decrease dandruff formation while stimulating the roots inside the hair follicle.

This is my favorite product with Tea Tree. Try this treatment to clear up scalp irritation after exfoliation. This is not a product for removal of dead skin. This is the treatment you use after the scrub is rinsed out completely.

Here is my favorite shampoo for the rebuilding phases as it pertains to Tea Tree.

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