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Tight braids and itchy scalp??

Updated: Jan 15

The worst part about weaves and braids comes after the style is finished. Your hair is being pulled directly from the cuticle if too much tension was applied during the braiding process.

Even though there are quite a few heavy handed hairstylist some of the pain could be your own scalp sensitivities. Once your hair is braided you want to tell the follicle to relax. This oil does exactly that! Watch the video linked blow to see how I braid down for a sew in with lace closure and apply my favorite oil to relax the follicle while stimulating hair growth.

Click the link below to get yours now!

Mizani Scalp Calming Scalp Lotion https://amzn.to/2MFifZQ

Watch full video now!!! https://youtu.be/eXtDl6hcpiY

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