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Why do Women with curly hair struggle to have moisture in their hair?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

This is a question that I found to be a very interesting question floating around the internet so I decided to go ahead and put this question to the scientific method. Let's find out why together below!







Observation/ Question How do you retain moisture with braids? How to retain moisture on curly hair?

  • Research topic: My research comes from over 15 years as a Cosmetologist specializing in repairing scalp regeneration over the years. Most clients who cant retain moisture have the same disorders and scalp hairshaft infection disorders. Most women with curly hair have microscopic holes in their hairshaft caused by products that break the salt bond in the hair from highly acidic homemade products or hacks like ACV which puts holes all over the hair shaft.

  • Weak hair from detangling wet and never allowing bonds to set

  • Bacteria infections of the scalp are caused by not properly cleaning the scalp IE. co washing / pre-poo/ wash n go/ Twist outs/ braids outs/ air drying.

  • Loc method, layering product on the hair liming oxygen flow to the hair shaft and follicle.Comedogenic oils/ butter blocking the follicles & cuticles

  • No set pattern routine or style

  • Lack of knowledge of self

  • No maintenance schedule.


The pattern women with curly hair follow led them too weak hair shafts and inflamed scalps. Once a regular pattern of maintenance is followed, the hair growth cycle will be back on track with constant application of hacks via social media the follicles go into telogen effluvium, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. Once the follicle is detoxed the hair growth cycle will set itself back on track within 60 days. Sebum production will increase and length retention will be at its max point.


First 7-Day Challenge( My free one 2 years ago was a test ) Along with me living with and beating HS! Testing to see if over the past two years if women would keep their scalps clean and free of products from hack videos on Youtube and old methods learned by our elders, that they would start to grow inches of healthy hair full of bounce and body all because of the lack of using products that they didn't need.

Analyze Data:

After detox, all dead skin cells are removed creating a clean oxygen flap from the follicle to the ends making the hair less transparent. Hair is thicker. Natural sebum flow is restored so the scalp stays moisturized and free from overgrown bacteria and yeast. Hair is maintained in a way that allows sebum to make it from the roots to the ends with scientific brushing. Length is retained because the hair is stronger and moisturized by sebum Sebum feeds to the scalp and hairshaft while helping it free from bad bacteria unless it's overgrown due to low shampoo maintenance.

Report and conclusion:

If women with curly hair keep their scalps clean, keep their hair in a style that allows them to comb sebum down the hair regularly or one that allows sebum to glide down the scalp and down more efficiently

Shampoo- comb- set- Maintain/ Spread natural Sebum/ Repeat! It's that simple! A Cosmetologist will do 12 people in one day. The pattern is the same for everyone with slight changes due to scalp profiles after detox.

For more check out this pdf Enyzmes 101.

ENZYMES 101 (1)
Download PDF • 11.26MB

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17 gen 2023

Yes exactly, now your working in co creation with God. God created your body it’s your job to learn it and take care of it.❤️ Hair care is easy , we make it hard.❤️ Keep me updated!

Mi piace

16 gen 2023

So simple! Thanks Cyn I am just listening to my hair and what it likes! When I do something different then I go right back to the starting point!

Mi piace
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